What's It Like To Be In A Home Fire? You can't see anything in front of you. You canít breathe. Itís hot. Itís dark. Itís hostile. The clock is ticking. That is the blueprint for a home fire. To experience this sensation for yourself, simply stand in your bedroom tonight, have someone blindfold you, place a pillow case over your head to reduce your air flow, turn off the lights, then turn you around 5 or 6 times. Now, try to find your way out of the house. Can you get outside within a few minutes? Itís not as easy as you may think.

Fire officials suggest that you Leave The Home Immediately... When a fire occurs, do not waste any time saving property. Take the safest exit route, but if you must escape through smoke, remember to crawl low, under the smoke and keep your mouth covered. The smoke contains toxic gases which can disorient you or, at worst, overcome you. 

For over thirty years, strobe light and sound units (like the one on the right) have been used in public buildings as an effective means to alert building occupants about an emergency event. The patented LifePath system addresses new exit marking codes in an effort to help safeguard thousands of innocent people that are injured or die in home fires every year. 

LifePath is an innovative strobe light and sound emergency escape Exit-Marking technology 

that may help you and your family get out of a home fire alive.

In a fire emergency, LifePath works in combination with your existing smoke detection system. A microphone in the LifePath transmitter listens for the emergency sound from most any existing smoke, heat, carbon monoxide or whole house alarm. When triggered, a wireless signal activates all remote LifePath receivers within a 50-foot range. Each eye-appealing receiver contains a high intensity strobe light designed to penetrate smoke, complete with audible alarm and hot spot warning capability. When installed at door handle height the strobes illuminate and direct your escape path Under The Smoke.

As LifePath was tested in a real home fire, a Fire Rescue spokesperson said, ďLifePath will allow a child to see the avenue of escape and associate the light with safety.Ē As we move forward with this humanitarian effort please stay tuned for Internet & TV promotions as LifePath becomes available in your area.


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